Treventus Scanrobot

The ScanRobot® is a high speed mass digitization system (MDS) designed for large volume digitization of any bound material. Its unique and patented scanning technology produces absolutely distortion free images and guarantees the most gentle and cost effective digitization.

Overall the ScanRobot® significantly increases the throughput and lowers the overall costs!


  • automatic, semi-automatic & manual mode
  • fast & gentle scanning at 2.500 pages / hour
  • integrated workflow for the most efficient daily throughput
  • best image quality due to the patented prism technology



ScanGate™ is a powerful stand-alone software for your digitization needs and can be simply integrated in existing scanner and IT environments.

Moreover ScanGate™ offers an integrated workflow module to automate local image processing, user and system tasks.

Treventus Scanrobot

Scanning interfaces

  • ScanRobot®
  • Hotfolder interface
  • TWAIN-interface
  • Bookeye scanners
  •  Canon digicams

Efficient & Economic

  • For all digitization environments
  • OCR interface
  • Available in different languages

ADVANTAGES – integrated workflow module

  • Create your own individual workflows
  • Automated batch processing & image treatment
  • Comprehensive image import functions
  • Fully compatible with the ScanFlow™ Professional software environment

ADVANTAGES – general functions

  • Easy and intuitive
  • Meta data interface
  • Real-time preview for fast quality control
  • Comprehensive processing functions
  • Applicable for different scanner hardware