De SCAN MASTER 1 boek scanner is waarschijnlijk de meest voordelige A1 formaat scanner in de markt. Boeken, kranten, foto’s, kaarten, bouwtekeningen of ieder ander gebonden of niet gebonden documenten kunnen eenvoudig en snel verwerkt worden.

Of course like all other SMA book scanners the SCAN MASTER 1 can be operated totally independent from the ambient light conditions. Every scan is being produced at the same high quality. Further the special illumination concept with elements based on the latest LED technology guarantees that the scan takes place free of UV and IR radiation.

A major benefit is the fact that the operator’s eyes are safe from light irritation – a fact that is not found in other book scanners. Only SMA book scanners show those important characteristics! Features like manual or automatic opening of the glass plate, vacuum table, device to scan transparent originals and an attachment to scan v-shaped books are optional available.