WT12-600 Front Open


WT12-600 Diagonal Open

2 times faster scanning

The new WideTEK 12-600 has all of the features and the same high scanning speed as its big brother (the WideTEK 25-600), but at an extremely competitive price. The WideTEK 12-600 scans the full bed (DINA3+, 12.5 x 18.5”) at 300dpi color in less than three seconds which is two times faster than the closest competition. It comes with a built-in 64bit Linux PC running on an Intel i3 dual core processor and 8GB of memory.

2 times smaller

The WideTEK12-600 is only 17.4 inches (44cm) wide, slightly more than its scanning area. Although it has a tiny footprint, it still scans 19% more surface area than DIN/ISO A3 but is small enough to fit on any desktop.

2 LED lamps with diffusors

The WideTEK 12-600 has two LED lamps, twice as many as the competition. With their new diffusors, these lamps produce an extremely homogeneous illumination which eliminates all unwanted shadows caused by folds, wrinkles and other distortions of the scanned object.

2 ways to scan

The scanner can be operated with the lid down if wrinkled or thin documents are scanned but it also works with the lid open. Automatic crop & deskew works perfectly in both directions, eliminating the cumbersome need of other scanners to align documents to any edges or markers.

2 D and 3 D scanning

The revolutionary 3D scanning mode opens many new opportunities in the printing and industrial inspection markets. The 3D scanning mode captures the texture of surfaces so perfectly that the scan on a screen looks like the real thing.



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