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Bookeye 3-R2

Optimal Book Scanner for Fragile Historical Books

Because of the overhead scanning technique implemented by the Bookeye® family of book scanners, Bookeye® 3 R2 is ideal for gentle scanning or copying of bound and large format documents: books, maps, newspapers, folders stapled originals, drawings up to A2+, and much more.

Documents remain in their ”natural” state on the scan surface. They do not need to be unbound, separated or carefully positioned.

Using the glass plate, the documents can be pressed gently against the book cradle which can be adjusted for height to achieve an optimal scan result. The automatic electronic book fold correction smoothes the curvature of the book fold.

The Bookeye® 3 is available either as a color or grayscale unit. The grayscale unit can be easily upgraded to a color scanner after purchase.

Bookeye® 3 is an efficient solution distinguished by high scan speed, durable lamps and nearly no consumables; guaranteeing efficient production with a quick return on investment. Technological advancements such as high performance LED illumination, precise scan lenses and CCD image sensors set new standards in scanning speed and quality.

Functies en opties

Bookeye® 3 R2 Functions

  • Color overhead scanner for formats up to A2+ ( also available as gray scale system)
  • Optical resolution 600 dpi
  • Motorized book cradle with lift up to 10 cm
  • Glass plate for perfect scans
  • Operation through large front panel
  • Book Fold Correction - Scan bound documents without annoying shadows
  • Digital color balance
  • Automatic white balance and black value
  • Scan2PDF-- Create PDF/A Formats

Bookeye® 3 R2 Features

  • LED lamps, no warm up, IR/UV free
  • Virus resistant Linux operating system
  • Operating system independent, runs under Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Unix
  • Scan2Net®-technology
  • Easy installation
  • Remote maintenance and analysis
  • Web based firmware updates
  • including 12 months Extended Warranty

Bookeye® 3 R2 Options

  • Upgrade to Color -- Software option for color scanning
  • Scan2ICC -- Subscription for ICC color management and profiles
  • Scan2TWAIN -- TWAIN driver for Client-Interface & HD 600 dpi)


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